Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Website is Done

Yay, the website is finally done enough to be considered "done." I hope that you will visit and take a look. I have added a gallery page that also links to my Zenfolio gallery. If you've always yearned to purchase one of my images (or have one on a coffee mug, key chain, etc.) simply stop by Happy Holidays and happy shooting!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The website is almost done...

After several months of distractions, I have finally had a chance to begin working on my website. It's not quite done yet, but it's getting there. Please feel free to visit to see how it's progressing.

Distractions are something we all must contend with, so I won't go into the specifics. Suffice it to say that some distractions can sap your creative energy. So, how does one create during times of personal challenge? What has worked for me (and Nike) is to simply "just do it." Sounds like a cliche, but it works. Grabbing the camera and shooting is a pretty good way to get your creative juices flowing.

Now that the weather has changed, it's prime time to shoot wildlife photos in Florida. If you're feeling distracted or stressed, just do it. It's cathartic, and you never know when you'll nail your once-in-a-lifetime shot. As I've said time and again, if it isn't fun you're probably doing something wrong...Lots of my pics can be seen on Flickr (and soon on the website), so please stop by