Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is It Yesterday Already?

Yes indeed, here it is June 1st.  Another year going by remarkably quickly, just a little faster than the one before.  And with each passing year I seem to gain more appreciation for something that seemed like punishment as a child: Black & white...

When I was a kid, the family color TV was in the living room, and when I got a TV for my room it was black & white.  I still remember the fun times spent adjusting the rabbit ears antenna to get fuzz out of the picture, only to have it get fuzzy as soon as I let go of the antenna. Ahh, memories.  But I was thinking more about black & white photos when I decided to write this. When I was 10, 15, 20 (hell, maybe 30) years old I didn't understand why people had coffee table books of Ansel Adams photos.  With all of the amazing colors in nature, why would you want to look at it in black & white?

Well, fast forward to adulthood.  Once I started to really look at black & white (and I credit the amazing photography of Clyde Butcher with turning me into a true fan), I began to understand the magic that black & white brings with it.  I always thought one of  the hardest parts of taking photos was getting the color right, so the photo tells an accurate story.  Turns out that color is fairly easy.  Black & white is hard, because you have to use shading and light to tell the story.  A color photo engages your eyes, a black & white photo engages your mind.

I am still a novice with black & white, and I don't know if I'll ever get it right.  But it's fun trying.  And, as I say over and over, photography should be fun.  If you're not having fun when you're out shooting, you're probably doing something wrong.  Happy Black & White Wednesday!

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  1. yesterday I commented but never showed so here it is again.
    the few B&W I have from you are simply fantastic I luv em the pictures have a life of their own

    Thanks Russ