Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It seems like there is a new superhero movie coming out almost every week these days.  They are obviously profitable or the movie makers would move on to a different subject. What really makes me sad though, is that nobody has ever made a movie about my favorite superhero.  In fact, there was a time that my favorite superhero was "America's Favorite Superhero."  Can you guess who it is?

That's right, Bud Man! There was a time when Anheuser-Bush (now owned by InBev, a Belgian mega-brewer) used Bud Man for their marketing campaigns. I remember visiting Bush Gardens on a family vacation in the '70's, and Bud Man merchandise was all over their gift shops.  In fact, I still have a Bud Man beach towel from a later visit.  The Bud Man magnet, pictured above, was on a rat rod at a local car show a few years ago.

Where is Bud Man today?  I guess he probably retired several years ago, so maybe he's playing shuffleboard at the Old Superhero home in Sarasota (or wherever it is that old superheroes retire to). The point of today's ramblings:  The Bud Man magnet was a little detail on a single car in a show with 100+ vehicles.  I would bet that I was the only one who took a photo of it that day.  Photos don't have to be iconic to be interesting. Sometimes, the little things leave a lasting impression.

Will there ever be a return of Bud Man?  My guess is no, because I'm sure in today's politically-correct world there would be something wrong with a superhero that represents a beer company. And besides, would a superhero who spoke French, Dutch, or German (the languages of Belgium) really be able to recapture the title of America's Favorite Superhero?

I guess that covers it for today.  Go out and shoot something, with your camera of course.  And remember: If you're not having fun while you're out shooting, you're probably doing something wrong...

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